For the last 10 years, it has been my goal to continue the charge for a more transparent and effective system that works for all Georgians. We MUST advocate for brighter futures by being vocal, visible and diligent!
As a recent cancer survivor, it becomes a personal matter for me to advocate and fight for quality and affordable healthcare for all Georgians, including those with pre-existing conditions. There are still over 4 million uninsured Georgians who need our help.  In order for this to happen, we must:

  • Expand Medicaid coverage

  • Continue to provide funding to Women's and community clinics

  • Resources and research for those struggling with mental health issues

  • Funding for HIV/AIDS research and medication
As a former educator and administrator in South Fulton and Southwest Atlanta, I saw first-hand the hardships many parents and students faced: inadequate funding and resources for low performing schools, lack of motivation and expectations that decrease morale, inconsistent standards that caused daily challenges that made teaching harder. I knew it was my responsibility to do more - I will continue to fight to make sure the quality of life is not compromised nor looked over.”

We must ensure the following:
  • Full access to quality Pre-K education
  • Adeqaute funding and resources for schools across the state
  • Alternative learning opportunities for students interested in workforce development and career-based training
  • Statewide curriculum that expands beyond the core subjects but include the arts, technology and healthy living courses.
Economic Growth
Criminal Justice System
Every Georgian has the right to a sustainable quality of life and must have access to work and career opportunities that produce livable wages. In order to happen, we must:

  • Increasing the minimum wage

  • Protection of unions and other organized groups

  • Childcare assistance to working families

  • Workforce development and career-based training
As a state, we must do a better job ensuring that our criminal justice system is fair and effective. We must find a way to rectify our Juvenile system by implementing some form of legislation that promotes and provides Juvenile Justice Reform which would raise of the age of jurisdiction and real rehabilitation programming. Georgia must:

  • Create alternatives for those struggling with alcohol and drugs or mentally-ill persons for appropriate rehabilitation.

  • Find alternatives for minor offenses that are being compared and incarcerated with serious crime offenders.

  • Raise the age of Jurisdiction from under 17 years of age to under 18 years of age.

Advocating for Brighter Futures